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Discover the advantages of the membrane structure carport

Source:Shanghai Shows Membrane Structure Co., Ltd.   Time:2020-01-15   Click:

First: high strength, light weight, long span.Speaking of membrane structure carports, I don't know what your first impression is? Membrane structure carport is a very practical commodity in the impression of a film structure editor, with the membrane structure carport to make our lives more convenient. Therefore, the advantages of the membrane structure carport are many. Today we will introduce those advantages of membrane structure carport.
The material used in this structural form is high-strength fabric material, warp and weft interlaced, double-sided PVDF coating, durability is more than 10 years; and light weight, equivalent to 1/10 of ordinary steel structure roof; so it can meet long-span Claim.

Second: The perfect combination of force and softness, the ever-changing and soft shape.
This membrane material is flexible, because the warp and weft forces are intertwined, and it can form a perfect hyperbolic streamline with positive and negative Gaussian curvature, such as the well-known saddle shape, plus the pretension of the high-strength steel cable at the boundary And the support of the skeleton structure, can fully embody the perfect combination of force and softness, and can show the ever-changing shape.
Third: colorful scenes.
This film material is transparent, its thickness is about 1mm, there are many choices in color, it can transmit, scatter and refract natural light. The normal transmittance during the day is between 10% and 20%. Under normal conditions during the day, no lighting is needed; at night, its scattering characteristics provide a colorful night scene under the illumination of various lights.
Fourth: good temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and self-cleaning.
This film material can work between -20 and 70 degrees, plus its light weight and good safety performance; the fire safety level of ordinary materials reaches B1 level; it can work normally in saline-alkali environments and has a certain self Cleaning performance, the membrane surface can keep itself clean under the conditions of rain and artificial water spray.
Fifth: the construction period is short, and it is easy to disassemble.
The simple and clear structure form, as well as the professional design, production process flow, and interactive working mechanism, greatly shorten the production period of this type of structure; the adjustable and detachable node form makes mobile engineering possible.
Sixth: economy.
Membrane structure parking sheds are also full of engineering examples in China. Among them, the largest and most influential membrane structure parking sheds are the Shanghai 80,000 stadium stadium awnings with tensile membrane structure parking sheds completed in 1997.

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