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Features of Charging Pile Membrane Structure Parking Shed

Source:Shanghai Shows A Membrane Structure Co.,   Time:2020-01-16   Click:

The demand for charging membrane structure parking sheds has also increased in increasingly developing cities. Charging pile membrane structure parking sheds are more convenient to use than other material parking sheds.As people's living standards improve, there will be requirements for living and living environment and supporting facilities Many communities have already begun to use charging pile membrane structure parking sheds.The reason why people choose a parking structure with a charging pile membrane structure makes sense. Next, let ’s take a look at its characteristics.

First, the light transmission is good-as the strength of the commonly used film material of the film structure is getting higher and higher, the use of high-strength film material can effectively block a large number of ultraviolet rays and effectively protect the vehicle. Under the cover of the membrane structure roof, the charging pile is still full of brightness, and the sunlight passing through the membrane structure becomes soft, which greatly reduces the aging of the vehicle due to long-term sunlight exposure.

Second, light weight and long span-due to the light weight and good strength of the membrane structure, the charging pile membrane structure parking shed does not require a large amount of steel support inside the interior. Modern art building full of artistic design.

Third, energy saving and environmental protection-low energy loss, good light transmission is one of the advantages of the film, has higher reflectivity and lower light absorption, and low thermal conductivity, brightness can fully support normal lighting, Greatly reduces energy consumption for lighting.
Fourth, the construction period is short-because all the membrane materials used in the charging pile membrane structure parking shed are processed in the factory, shipped to the site after processing, and can be used after manual installation, the construction period is greatly reduced, compared to traditional buildings , Its construction period is at least twice as fast.
Fifth, good self-cleaning ability—the charging shed membrane structure parking shed uses a membrane material with a protective coating, so it has a good self-cleaning effect. It can use the natural scouring of rainwater to take away the dust and contaminated surfaces, thereby maintaining a long-lasting appearance As new, this undoubtedly reduces the frequency ofcleaning and maintenance of the carport, saves maintenance costs, and greatly increases the service life of the carport.

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