Tensile membrane structure

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Tensile membrane structure

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Overview of Tesioned Membrane Structure

Tesioned Membrane Structure is formed by pulling the membrane material on the structure through a cable. The tensioned membrane structure can also be called a tensioned cable membrane structure. It is a stable space hyperbolic tensioned membrane surface and a supporting mast system. , Support cable and edge cable structure system. Tensile membrane structures are extremely versatile due to their image plasticity and the high flexibility and adaptability of the structural approach. Under the sunlight, the interior of the building covered by the film is full of natural diffused light. There is no strong contrast between the light surface and the shadow, and the visual environment of the interior space is open and harmonious. At night, the light in the building illuminates the night sky through the membrane of the roof, and the shape of the building shows a fantastic effect. The tensile membrane structure is especially suitable for the roof of the city's iconic buildings, such as sports and entertainment venues, shopping malls and restaurants that require advertising effects.

Features of Tesioned Membrane Structure

The structural system is full of expressiveness and strong structural performance, but the cost is slightly higher and the construction requirements are also high. Expressive forms: light and elegant shapes, soft and powerful curves, and large-span, large-scale ground landmarks.

Easy to integrate into the city: it is integrated with the landscape of the garden, making full use of the beauty of the clear and strong force of the structural components to create a happy space for people to enjoy.

Safety, environmental protection and energy saving: light weight, wind resistance, flexibility, anti-corrosion, and stable sculpture.

Ultra-short construction period: simple construction and easy installation.

Simple maintenance and operation: low operating cost and simple maintenance.

Air quality monitoring: clean air, anti-fog and haze, adjustable temperature and humidity.

Recycling: Removable, easy to disassemble, lossless and reusable.

Application range of Tesioned Membrane Structure

Entertainment space: Patio, Four Seasons Hall, Zoo and Botanical Garden, sports, cultural and entertainment venues, etc.
Iconic sketches: decorative garden sketches, sculpture sketches, park sketches, landscape sketches, etc.
Commercial transportation: parking lots, entrances, pedestrian streets, commercial streets, slow walks, shopping mall roof shading, building entrances, etc.
Commercial exhibitions: various exhibitions, large-scale performances, sales centers, reception centers, etc.