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Green Facilities
       The foul gas pollution of sewage treatment plants in every city has always been a headache, and it is also the most difficult problem for related professional management departments to rectify. Gas collection in large tanks (such as sludge oxidation ditch, concentration tank, and digestion tank) is the most difficult and biggest problem: long span and corrosion life durability are all issues that need to be considered. There are treatment methods, but gas collection in large tanks (such as sludge concentration tanks and digestion tanks) is the most difficult and biggest problem, long span, corrosion, life, durability, etc., so the materials that are suitable for us must be selected. It is necessary to have a long life, good toughness, weather resistance, and not easy to tear air leakage. The most effective way to cover the deodorizing body of the sewage tank is to seal the sewage tank, and then to seal the sewage tank, then ventilate through the air inlet and air outlet, and pump the malodorous gas to the intelligent device for deodorization. This new structure is said to have been imported from abroad.
        With the rapid development of China's national economy and the comprehensive construction of municipal infrastructure, especially environmental protection projects such as sewage treatment plants are increasing, and a considerable number of anaerobic ponds, sludge concentration ponds, and biological flocculation ponds have been built in sewage treatment plants. Around the residential area, the environment, style and odor of the sewage pond directly affect people's life and health. In order to care for the people, build a harmonious society, and create a beautiful living environment, many cities have required the sewage treatment tanks of sewage plants (stations) to be covered for waste gas collection and treatment.
       Membrane structure as a modern engineering structure shows the current level of development of building technology and science, and therefore has a broad space for development. This has a prominent performance in the construction of industrial facilities. The construction of modern industrial facilities requires diversified appearance and shape. The span and height of the space is lighter on the roof and the good ventilation and lighting conditions of the envelope structure. Sometimes even the whole or partial disassembly of the roof or envelope structure can be opened and temporarily covered or enclosed.