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Familiar with the necessity of membrane structure installation and tensioning op

Source:Shanghai Shows A Membrane Structure Co., Ltd.   Time:2020-01-13   Click:

The editor of a membrane structure shows that it is necessary to understand the installation and tension of membrane structure in the membrane structure industry. Do love one line at a time, you can only like the upper membrane structure if you know more about the membrane structure. Today I will introduce the installation and tensioning of the membrane structure. The installation of the membrane body includes the deployment of the membrane body, connection and fixing, lifting in place, and tension forming the membrane structure.

First, before opening the membrane body, lay temporary cloth on the platform to protect the membrane material from being damaged and clean the membrane material, and unfold the membrane body strictly in the determined order. Before opening the package, check the marking on the package, confirm the installation location, and unfold it in the direction of the mark to avoid the unfolded membrane moving in the field. When walking on the unfolded membrane surface, wear soft-soled shoes and stretch the membrane. Do not wear hard objects to prevent puncturing the membrane.

2. After opening the membrane body, use a splint to connect and fix the membrane material to the cable, and the membrane structure canopy. The specifications of the plywood and the spacing between the plywoods should be installed in strict accordance with the design requirements. For the membrane body that is hoisted in place at one time, the clamp bolts and nuts must also be tightened in place at one time. The multi-point overall lifting method is used to control the lifting speed and distance of each lifting point during the lifting process, and the cable membrane structure ensures the uniform force transmission on the membrane surface.

Third, prevent the membrane body from generating excessive sloshing under the wind load, the construction should be carried out in the absence of wind as much as possible. The task at this stage is to make the film cloth no longer slackened to bear the load, and special attention should be paid to avoid wrinkling of the film surface due to uneven tension. The amount of prestress is determined by the designer based on the material, shape, and structure's use load. Construction The membrane unit of this project belongs to an umbrella unit; the preset tension position should not be changed easily.

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