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The composition of the ETFE membrane material is an ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer (the abbreviation of the four-letter letters Ethylene, Tetra, Flour, and Ethylene), which is a transparent membrane with a non-woven substrate. Material, its elongation can reach 420% ~ 440%. The transmission spectrum of ETFE film material is similar to that of glass (commonly known as soft glass). ETFE membrane is a high-quality alternative material in transparent building structures, suitable for the construction of roofs or walls that require sufficient indoor sunlight in the building space.
Material characteristics:
1. The transmission spectrum of the ETFE film material and glass is basically the same, the ultraviolet transmittance is high, and the transmittance of visible light is> 95%. The light and ultraviolet transmittance can be adjusted and controlled by printing a light-shielding film on the surface and changing the film thickness, and the light transmittance can be controlled between 50% and 96%;
2. Strong weather resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, long-term use environment allowable temperature is -200 ~ 150 ℃ ;.
3. Has excellent impact resistance, electrical properties, thermal stability, high mechanical strength, and good processing performance. Light weight, only 1% of glass of the same size;
4. Good toughness, high tensile strength, not easy to tear, ductility greater than 400%;
5. The self-cleaning function makes the surface difficult to stain, and the small amount of dirt can be taken away by the rain, the cleaning cycle is about 5 years. In addition, the membrane surface has good resistance to hail impact toughness.
6. Pre-made membrane bubbles can be made in the ready-made, convenient for construction and maintenance. When the ETFE membrane material is made into an air-sealed membrane surface with an air-insulating layer, it has good thermal insulation performance and acoustic performance.
7. ETFE membrane has a service life of at least 25-35 years and is an ideal material for permanent multi-layer movable roof structures.