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The hazards and emergency measures caused by the snow that needs to be .......

Source:上海示一膜结构有限公司   Time:2020-08-31   Click:

For membrane structure buildings, the hazards caused by snow problems cannot be estimated. We must take preventive and emergency measures. Today, I show a editor of membrane structure to share the hazards and emergency measures brought by snow to the membrane structure, and save it as soon as possible.

Continuous snow in winter will produce snow, and sometimes continuous sleet weather will cause icing. In the snow disaster weather, a large amount of snow will be generated on the membrane surface and damaged, and the membrane material will be overloaded and the tensile capacity will be reduced, which will bring great harm to the membrane structure. Then the membrane structure should be analyzed and considered for the actual problems when it starts to design. Usually we use snow melting measures or high-strength membrane materials for structures with long-term snow accumulation.

In order to avoid accidents caused by snow accumulation, snow piling platforms are usually set up around the membrane structure to store the falling snow. At present, artificial snow removal is generally adopted in China. In addition, you can consider installing a heating device at the local location where the snow is the most serious. The film surface heating device can be used to accelerate the melting of ice and snow during snowfall.

As we all know, many natural disasters are factors of force majeure. In the face of sudden heavy snow, considering the hidden dangers of accidents such as snow accumulation, it is necessary for us to prepare a set of emergency records when manual snow removal is impossible under continuous snowfall. The editor hopes that winter brings joy and smiles, not sadness and crying. May the membrane structure building show extraordinary beauty in winter!
The original text is compiled from Shanghai Shows A Membrane Structure Co., Ltd.
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