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How much do you know about the quotation of membrane structure carports?

Source:上海示一膜结构有限公司   Time:2020-08-26   Click:

Speaking of membrane structure carports, the same issue we are concerned about comes from the editor of Shows A membrane structure, and that is the quotation of membrane structure carports. How can we quickly understand the quotation of the membrane structure carport? please watch the following part.

To make a quotation for a membrane structure carport, there must be a plan. Only according to the plan can the area be calculated. In addition, the engineering model must be obtained from the plan and the actual area can be obtained. Only with these data can we know how much material to place and how much material to use, and then calculate the cost based on market prices. Therefore, the quotations are closely linked, and the style is rigorous, and the price is determined according to the actual situation instead of random bidding.
The materials obtained based on the shape and area will also be split again to express the quantity and price of each material required for the project in more detail, and determine the project cost based on the sum of these materials.

Generally speaking, the first part is the membrane part, including the amount of membrane material, the amount of auxiliary materials, the quantity, specification and price of the cornea, the edge holder, the membrane edge cable and other materials, and the processing and transportation costs.
The second part is the steel structure, including the amount of auxiliary materials for the main structure, production costs, coating costs, installation, etc.
The third most part is the indirect costs, including design fees, tax receipts and other content.
All items that can incur costs will be included in the quotation, and every penny of expenditure is clear, so that customers can rest assured that the pursuit of first-class, one-quality projects is the wish of all people, and I look forward to working with you.

The original text is compiled from Shanghai Shows A Membrane Structure Co., Ltd.
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