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Membrane structure material selection knowledge sharing for reference

Source:上海示一膜结构有限公司   Time:2020-08-04   Click:

The role of membrane materials in membrane structure construction is undoubtedly the key. But have you ever thought that there are many kinds of membrane materials on the market, and there are many differences. How to choose? Let's analyze it together today!

Different membrane materials have different properties and prices, and membrane materials play a pivotal role in membrane structure construction. The choice of membrane materials often depends to a high degree on the function of the building, fire protection requirements, lifespan, etc. The editor provides the following points for attention, and hopes to help everyone in choosing membrane materials.

1. Durability: including anti-aging performance, self-cleaning performance and performance to adapt to various climates;
2. Fire performance: it is required that the membrane structure material is flame-retardant or non-combustible, which in turn depends on the function of the building and the local regulations on the fire performance of building materials;
3. Strength: including tensile strength and pre-tear strength. Depending on the membrane surface area and prestress of the membrane structure, select the appropriate membrane material with technical parameters. The membrane structure material can meet the needs of membrane structure construction without causing waste;
4. The processing performance of the membrane structure: the width and the shape of the membrane surface of the membrane structure construction effect.
5. The price of membrane materials: This is the most important and critical issue, because customers choose membrane structure materials in addition to requiring the performance of membrane materials to meet membrane structure buildings. Whether the price exceeds the budget is also a key issue. Different types, different brands, and the same brand and model of membrane structure materials are all the same in price and different in performance. Generally speaking, the price of imported membrane materials is higher, while the price of domestic membrane structures with the same parameters is relatively lower.

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